Herz Wind Orchestra



A wind orchestra formed by graduates of Toin Gakuen High School for alumni and alumnae. The name is based on the philosophy of "music from the heart," which is the motto of the Toin Wind Orchestra(TWO), and the group's slogan is "Individual Harmony" and its motto is "a wind orchestra that captures the heart". In February 2023, one year after its formation, the band held its 1st concert at Sagamihara Civic Hall with Makoto Onodera, composer/arranger and music director of the TWO, as the permanent conductor. The core of the group's activities is the annual regular concert and chamber concert, and the group pursues the potential of wind orchestra without compromise in a relationship of trust that transcends the boundaries of their grade. 

2023年2月に制定。正式名称である「Herz Wind Orchestra」を独自デザインの英字で配置し、頭文字の「H」のみを白色で強調。ゴールドで示された一本線は「高度な技術」「卓越した表現」「喝采」を意味している。ロゴを構成する紺色は「桐蔭ブルー」として知られるPANTONE289に指定されており、母校・桐蔭学園との繋がりを端的に表現している。

Designed in February 2023. The official name of the orchestra, "Herz Wind Orchestra," is placed in a uniquely designed alphabetical pattern, with only the initial "H" highlighted in white. The single line in gold signifies "advanced technique," "outstanding expression," and "applause”. The navy blue color that makes up the logo is designated as PANTONE 289, known as "Toin Blue," and is a simple expression of the connection with Toin Gakuen, the school that is the alma mater of the company.


1979年生まれ。埼玉県川越市出身。川越市立野田中学校、埼玉県立伊奈学園総合高等学校を卒業。中学・高校では吹奏楽部でチューバを担当する。東京芸術大学音楽学部・作曲科を卒業。在学中に安宅賞を受賞、卒業時にはアカンサス音楽賞を受賞。同大学院修士課程・作曲専攻修了。これまでに作曲を近藤譲、北村昭、田村文生、坪能克裕の各氏に師事。現在は作曲、編曲活動の傍ら、音楽教室の講師として和声、ソルフェージュ、アンサンブル等、後進の指導を行っている。また、吹奏楽指導者として、スクールバンドや一般吹奏楽団の指導も行っている。 2013年より桐蔭学園高等学校吹奏楽部音楽監督。

Born in 1979. Born in Kawagoe City, Saitama Pref. Graduated from Noda J.H.S. in Kawagoe City and Ina Gakuen  High School in Saitama Pref ,played tuba in the wind orchestra . Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Department of Music Composition. While a student, received the Ataka Prize, and upon graduation, the Acanthus Music Award. Received his master's degree in composition from the same university. He has studied composition under Yuzuru Kondo, Akira Kitamura, Fumio Tamura, and Katsuhiro Tsubonoh. Currently, in addition to composing and arranging music,  teaches harmony, solfege, ensemble, and other subjects to younger students as an instructor at a music school. As a instructor, he also teaches school bands and brass bands. Since 2013, he has been the music director of the Toin Gakuen High School Wind Orchestra(TWO).